Different video player?

I was playing a show and half way through it stopped and acted like buffering for a millisecond. When I looked up the play controls were different looking and a blue progress bar broken down into 10-12 chunks? Is this making sense and anything we can choose by default as I really liked the look?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re seeing.

Can you post a screenshot?

Here is what I see.

Don’t let me derail what James is asking but if you hit the menu button does it take you back to the Infuse screen?

Yes it does.

I haven’t played with the PiP function but could that be the PiP screen?

I’ve never used PiP and this just switches to this player randomly.

If this happens frequently, the next time could you see what happens when you click on the two facing arrows on the bottom right next to the gear?