Video Caching and Other ATV Questions

Hi there I’m now hooked on using Infuse as my video player and have a few general questions about operation with my Apple TV.

The first is regarding video caching. I have noticed that in the progress bar Infuse caches around 10 minutes ahead. If I move the “slider” say to the end while a video plays at the beginning it seems that Infuse “downloads” the entire video … which is great … I mean why stream when you can download (I have a gigabit wired network) … my question is this … can Infuse be set so that it downloads the video in the background like I have done by moving the “slider” forward manually?

Also … is there a guide to remote use? I just want to make sure I am taking advantage of anything I am missing … Skipping forward / back and moving the “slider” moves me to a particular point in a video and a scroll down gives attributes … normal stuff. I did accidentally discover fast forward / rewind by doing a double tap either forward or backward… is this correct?? Are there any other functions I am missing?

One more thing … I was watching Dances with Wolves which has forced subtitles burned in … I added English subtitles from the subtitle search and all the parts in English showed up from that and when my burned forced subtitles came up the subtitles I added didn’t … I was expecting to see two sets of subtitles during these parts … did Infuse “sense” the subtitles in my burned in copy and not show the added ones? Or is this just a fluke? My videos are .mkv’s