Time/progress bar staying on

When playing videos I touch my Apple TV 4 remote once as usual to see the progress bar but I’ve noticed on certain videos when I touch it once but accidentally slide across the touchpad it will stay on till the end of the video unless I touch it again to display the time and then it will disappear as normal.
Now I noticed this on the new 7 but I don’t recall this on infuse six Pro
I’m using windows 10
All my videos were in Mkv converted to MP4 (xmedia recode)
Again not all videos do this
And the files are imported from plex server

Check and see if the PiP icon is turning white. Sometimes it’s easy to accidentally swipe up far enough to activate that icon and it will leave the time line up until you touch the track pad again.

Next time you notice it happen go ahead and click the track pad and see if you end up with the PIP activated.

Looks like there was an update last night looks like some of the icons have changed I can see the trash bin icon that wasn’t there before I don’t seem to be having the same problem anymore I don’t think it was the PIP
Giving it a couple more days just to make sure

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