Playlist Mode

Hey there!

Ive currently got a project were I am using the apple TV as more or less digital signage for our cafe. Everything so far is working fine, ATV Flash installed, movies uploaded and a play list has been made and works.

However when i set the play list to play, between each video it seems to stall and go back to the menu were you select the play list, then it starts the next video.
This is not a major issue of sorts as technically its working fine, playing through the whole play list and repeating when it gets to the end. But if there is a way to fix it so that it does not return to that screen between each video id really appreciate knowing. :smiley:

Thank you in advance for the helps :smiley:

Any ideas? Please it would be greatly appreciated.
Is there any other software I could use to play the videos, i tried installing VLC but it was terribly laggy while playing.

What type of files are contained in your playlist? You may try switching the playlist mode between QuickTime, Mplayer and mixed.

All the movie files i have on the play list are quicktime H264 5000kb/s 1280/720. When I play them with the mplayer it lags a lot! Ive tried setting the cache to different values to no avail. How ever mplayer doesnt go back to the play menu between clips. However quicktime plays all clips fine with no lag. But between each clip it returns to the menu before starting the next one.

So more or less ive got shitty quality but smooth transition or smooth quality with shitty transition. Is there a way to fix this on booth player, more so on the quicktime?