Crashing every 4 minutes - New Apple TV4k

Is anybody else having issues with infuse on the new Apple TV 4K?

I have used the app for years on my last gen ATV 4K and the previous gen before that, it has always been flawless. I recently upgraded to the new Apple TV 4K though, it worked ok initially and then last week it started crashing regular as clockwork every 4 minutes. The content does not seem to matter.

For an app that has been so rock solid to this is just annoying. I am on the latest version of infuse (7.5.9) it updated yesterday though so I think this has happened on the at least 2 versions. Latest version of TVOS too.

Anybody else having these issues?

Can you get a diagnostic code before it crashes and post it here?

Beta tvOS by any chance?

Thanks, I’ll do the diagnostic thing tomorrow.

Not beta tvos. V16.6 I think.

Thanks again.