Apple TV App Crashing.

Since the last update, Infuse has crashed at least 8x mid-playback across three different Apple TV’s. Our Apple TV’s usually never have any issues, and since it’s across multiple devices, it seems to be an Infuse issue to me. We can watch our library for hours without issue and then the app will crash and will go back to the home screen. Is anyone else experience this?


Can you launch Infuse after it crashes and send a diagnostic report and post the code here? That may help Firecore see what’s going on.

I have this issue, as well. I submitted a report, last week, but haven’t heard back.

Are you also having it happen on multiple Apple TVs? What version of ATV 4 or 4K? I couldn’t find where you posted about the problem do you still have the issue and if so can you restart Infuse and send a report and post the code here? Thanks!

I have multiple ATV4K’s, but I only updated one. One is set to auto update and the other is set to manually update. The ATV that is having the issue is on 6.3.5, the most recent update. The ATV where I didn’t update the app, Infuse is working fine. I sent an email, with code, to the support email a week ago. My post was about metadata issues, but the more I used the app, the more issues I started to find.

The problem has persisted since the update. The app will crash during playback, browsing the menus, and sometimes just sitting there while I’m looking at something on my phone. I submitted a new diagnostic report. The code is B87YG. Thanks!

Edit: It just crashed trying to go back to the main menu from the settings menu.

It happened just now - error code S6BKJ.