Infuse crashing on startup

So this just started happening today, Infuse shows the splash screen, then after about 30 seconds, just drops back to the apple tv menu. Tried rebooting the apple tv (4k model), and same thing. Should be the latest version, and on auto update, dont get an error code. Would prefer not to have to reinstall if poss, reindex of 100TB plex lib is not something I really want to have to do, but if its the only option, then I will. Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

What version are you running?

Since there have been a few updates over the last several days you may want to try updating the app again since the latest was released today.

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How can I tell if it wont start up? And how do I force an update, the apple tv is set to auto update apps

Go to the App store and select Purchased then find Infuse 6 and if see if it offers to update to 6.4.3

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Ahh nice, thanks. Just found there was an update pending for the apple tv itself, so installing that now, will check the app store after, thankyou :slight_smile:

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Tread lightly on the ATV update, there have been some issues with it causing problems saying you have to repurchase some apps. Apple is working on this I believe.

Thankfully didnt get that problem, and I could update it from the app store, and now its started up just fine. Thanks for the help, very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Happy to help! :wink:

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