Categorising folders

Hello all !
On the latest version of Infuse and TVOS, how can i state that this or this folder is supposed to contain TV shows or movies ?
I saw some kind of howto but it seems toi be for older versions of Infuse…
Thanx for your help,

That is not a feature that is available in the current version of InFuse. InFuse decides on the content type by using the format of the filenames. Basically if it appears to contain an episode number then it is treated as T~v and otherwise as a film.

You can how ever go into the Library and do a long press on “All TV Shows” and you’ll have the option to add a Favorite of “All TV Shows” to your home screen. This will also work on the sub categories of TV Shows like Recently Added, Unwatched, and even the Genres.

The Movies in Library work the same way.

Both also can add Lists instead of Favorites so a row of videos appears on the home screen rather than a “Favorites” folder.