Library view of folder based favorites


I have organized our media into 4 folders w tv-shows for kids/parents and movies for kids/parents.

The folders have been marked as favorites and I link to them on the front page.

However I have observed two bugs where infuse does not behave as it will in library view (where kids and parents stuff are mixed together)

  1. tv shows have to be in sub folders per season- otherwise infuse will not find a poster for the main folder with the tv show
  2. movies are not organized into collections

It seems like I have to choose between having “Teletubbies” mixed with “Breaking bad” or having all Harry Potter and Die Hard movies scattered around without the nice organization in library view :frowning:

I have tried categorizing after rating, but e.g. Oceans 13 is rated A in the database so it will show up under stuff for the kids

This is a shortcoming of Infuse’s limited library management functionality. It really only supports two libraries, which are indexed for quicker navigation and extra features. Folders (vs libraries) added to the homescreen do not avail themselves of any of the improvements that an indexed library provide. I created a suggestion (Allow defining any number of libraries) for allowing us to create any number of libraries, so your use case and issue would be resolved.

Ah… that also explains why loading one of these folders can be quite slow.

I agree that customized libraries (where you can set content type or preferred database like thetvdb) would be an excellent solution. Each library can then be set as favorite on the front page.