List all movies based off folder name


I use and love infuse, and I just keep all my movies in folders. Is it possible to just list all my movies in a list based on folder name and not have it try and pull the details on them all.

A lot of my movies have other files like subtitles or screenshots of the movie in the folder so it doesn’t pull the right information.

Have you tried browsing via the Library? This should provide a more pleasant experience, as Infuse will just list your movies and ignore any other irrelevant folders/files.

Morning James,

Yes, when I open infuse I Have saved the folders Movies, TV1, TV2, TV3 as favourites and I go straight into them.

TV shows are fine and set just as folders and file names. But the Movies do a mix of showing folders for some and then tries to name and give posters for others. Making it very confusing.

You may consider using a Library favorite for your Movies instead of the folder.

You can add a favorite for Movies by long pressing on the All Movies item found in Library > Movies. If you don’t see the Library item on the home screen it can be added via the Settings > Library menu.