Library view not acuret?

Okay, I have 3 folders for favorites. Cartoons, TV shows, and movies. When I go in to the library view, and go in to TV shows, then in to all TV shows, all it shows me is the cartoons, non of my 288 TV show folders are shown in this folder. If I go back to the favorites screen, and open the TV shows folder, everything is there just fine, but it doesn’t show any of the TV shows in the all folder of TV shows under library view. Is this an issue others are having? Anyone know how to fix it? Thanks.

Can you provide an example of how these files are named? It’s possible Infuse isn’t recognizing them as TV shows, and thus is not placing them in the correct TV shows category. A complete list of the supported naming styles can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

Also, you can check how many shows Infuse has indexed through the Settings > Library menu.

I have them the same way I had them in infuse for. chicago fire s04E09
and it is the same for all of my TV shows. Supergirl S02E06
and they are not in folders by season, I just have them all listed in a folder so infuse can sort them in to folders by season. Is this not correct? Infuse 4 had no issues with this format, and I got this tagging method from another post on this site. Also, the cartoons are setup and tagged the exact same way.