Media Library

I love Infuse’s playback screen, but media library screen is entirely different matter.

To me, it’s essentially just a list of files, unorganized in any meaningful way.

At the very least, it should be categorized into multiple sections (if there are contents): Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, and Home Videos.

I don’t know why I have to even mention this, but for TV shows, it should group them via TV show, not list all episodes (ideally within a season) for all TV shows in one screen.

Lack of usable media library screen means it is not suitable as a complete replacement for Apple’s Videos app (or awfully buggy TV app).

My system DOES group them by show. I suspect your problem is that you are not using the naming scheme that inFuse can handle for building the library view.

Thanks for the quick reply. I see the file naming convention on quick guide now.

I really prefer not to name files this way as Infuse is using local iTunes library. Is the app not capable of reading meta data for TV show titles, season number, episode number, and so on?