Can 5.1.1 be jailbroken?

Hi Everybody a little help required please. Atv2 with 5.1.1 don’t think it’s ever been jailbroken before as I acquired it 2nd hand. Can it be jailbroken untethered or not at the moment, and if so how? Any help is appreciated thank you

First, whatever you do, DO NOT update it!

Second, check this thread:

It’s in beta now and MAC only. A version for Windows should be out soon.


Agreed DO NOT UPDATE TO 5.2.1

Is that firmware 5.1.1 or ios 5.1.1?   But either ones  could  fall  into unthethered

according to Apple TV Version Info (updated 10/23/15) - Seas0nPass - Firecore

5.1.1 (iOS 6.0.1 - 10A831) - untethered OR

5.0.1 (iOS 5.1.1 - 9B206f) - untethered

IMHO if i were you, save its 5.1.1 blob to a folder using TU, Ifaith & use “Seas0nPass 0.9.2 (beta) w/ iFaith Signatures”   to jailbreak it 5.11 Unthethered.

from this guide;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <====  Cavey told me



I jailbroke several 5.11 and no problem.


Bigbite, that worked first time, thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction for jailbreaking my atv2!

Glad it worked out for you :)