Can Apple TV 2 with fw 5.1 still be jailbroken untethered?

Is there a way to jailbreak version 5.1 on Seas0nPass without upgrading to 5.3? I have an ATV 2 that a buddy of mine wants jailbroken, but when I right click on seas0npass and select 5.1 version, it says that my apple tv is not eligible for this version. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Do you have 5.1 on it now? If not then you can’t put that version on there. You can jailbreak to the version you have on it now or to the latest (5.3), unless there are saved blobs for it on iFaith.


i do have version 5.1 on there. The apple tv has never been jailbroken before.

Here are a few screenshots. One if them is the message I get when I choose 5.1. The other happened when I clicked on tethered boot. It recognizes that it is version 5.1, and it know it doesn’t need to tetherboot.