can I jailbreak an ATV 2nd gen?

hi all,


I’m a noob at this! but I’m about to buy a second hand ATV2 for few bucks … and the firmware is :


version  “5.1 (5201)” this is what comes out at video. Can I jailbreak it unthethered? thanks in advance for all those will answer! :slight_smile:

so what? I’m unsure … v. 5.1 means iOS 6.0 and then is NOT jailbreakable? Am I correct?

At the moment you can downgrade to the 5.0.2 release which does have a jailbreak. However I expect that Apple will stop signing that soon so you need to do it before hat happens.

just read them comment…is still possible do the downgrade, i try few times last night but always getting error?!!

What kind of error(s) did you get? You need to elaborate more so people can help you.

Thanks, when I connect the ate in iTunes always getting stuck on the restore page, if I click on restore I’m getting message no device found, when I try to jailbrake still getting stuck at the same point, nothing happen

I have other 2 at and experience anything similar

Thanks for the help

Did you follow the instructions on

off course, evrything looks normal till the restoring in itunes where get stuck and won’t restore

thanks for your help