Can you Jailbreak all ATV2s?

Im a bit confused regarding the firmware versions numbers of ATV2.

I seen this on this site.

Seas0nPass provides an UNTETHERED jailbreak of the 2nd gen Apple TV running the 5.0.2 (iOS 5.1.1 - 9B830) software that was released on June 6th, 2012.”

What does that mean? If you can jailbreak the newest 5.1.1, why is the older 5.0.2 mentioned?

It’s the same thing. Apple TV software version is 5.0.2 aka iOS 5.1.1. I know it’s confusing.

A bit more information can be found here:


It’s not aka. It is iOS version 5.0.2 with firmware version 5.1.1