Audio Sync with Airpods Pro on Apple TV 4K

Hello everyone!

I’m a newcomer to this wonderful community and I’m seeking some assistance with a little technical hiccup I’ve encountered.

The issue at hand arises when I’m enjoying the seamless experience of Infuse on my Apple TV 4K; everything works like a charm when it comes to audio. However, when I connect my trusty Airpods Pro (2nd gen), I’m faced with a minor inconvenience - a noticeable audio delay that throws off the “lip sync.”

To mitigate this, I’ve manually adjusted the audio delay to +150ms, which does the trick for me. But I’m genuinely curious if any fellow community members have run into a similar snag. If you have, I’d greatly appreciate hearing about your experiences and any solutions you might have uncovered to resolve this perplexing issue.

Thanks in advance for your insights!

Welcome to the forum!

There are a couple of threads that may help.

and this one

This is a good starting place for working with AirPods. :wink:

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