Audio out of sync when "wireless audio sync" run

I recently bought AirPods. Initially when I connected my AirPods and turned on spatial audio, I noticed there was signifiant delay between audio and video using Apple TV. This occurred in pretty much all apps including infuse. When spatial audio was disabled, there was no lip sync problem.

I then found the “Wireless Audio Sync” option in the Apple TV settings. After performing Wirless audio sync, this corrected the lip sync issues when using AirPods spatial audio for all apps with the exception of Infuse. With infuse the lip sync issues persisted. In addition, enabling wireless audio sync even caused the Infuse audio from TV speakers to go out of sync as well. With wireless audio sync disabled, audio output from TV speakers remains in sync but this means that spatial audio remains out of sync.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

There’s another thread with a similar issue that you may want to read through and see if any of the listed possible solutions will work for you. Also it seems that there may be an tvOS 16 issue that may be adding to this.

Thanks, I tried the solutions in that thread but it did not help. I’m still on tvOS 15. I have no lip sync issue using TV speakers when wireless audio sync is disabled. However when it is enabled (to help with AirPods spatial audio latency), the sound when using TV speakers goes out of sync. This doesn’t happen in other apps such as Netlifx, iTunes, Disney plus etc.