Latency when using Airpods and Apple TV

I am using Infuse on an Apple TV and up until now I was quite happy with it. But yesterday I switched from speakers to Airpods and suddenly there was a noticeable delay between video and audio. This issue only appears when using headphones and not with other streaming services such as Netflix. Any ideas how to fix this?

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If you switch back to speakers does the problem go away?

Also you may want to review this thread that may be similar.

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I saw that thread but my assumption is that it is about a general audio delay and I only have this issue with headphones (tried Airpods and Pro, both have a delay) switching back to speakers (in my case soundbar) everything is in sync again. I hope it has to do with the latest OS and will be fixed with an upcoming release of Infuse as other users seem to have sync problems as well.

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I don’t have airpods but I was digging around a bit, do you start using the airpods before you launch infuse (in the ATV os) or do you connect once you’re in Infuse?

If you connect the airpods prior to launching Infuse could you try disconnecting the airpods and then launch Infuse then reconnect with the airpods?

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Great, it worked! I closed Infuse, then connected the Airpods, then opened Infuse. It’s that easy :man_shrugging: no delay anymore. Thanks a lot for your support. Didn’t expect to get it fixed that quickly and easily :blush:


Thanks for getting back and letting us know! Glad it helped. :+1:

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I love seeing threads that end this way. :blush:


Well, turns out the latency is still there, but I think it’s not an InFuse issue. When I connect the Airpods via TV there is no delay at all. Only when I use the Apple TV to switch to headphones, I get delay. Really weird as I would expect to work all Apple hardware providing a smooth experience…

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