Random audio sync issue AppleTV4K Infuse 7.7.1

Hello there,
I don’t know if it’s the right place to do it but I’ve seen numerous posts about poor audio sync on Apple TV on older versions of Infuse, but no recent feedback about it.
I’m having this issue with Infuse (not with Netflix or other apps) where the sound is 1 sec off the lips movement.
At first I played with my TV settings to match the audio with the video, and no other app were syncronized anymore. Furthermore, Infuse was no longer syncronized not long after either.
On the same TV show, the first episode had a audio sync issue, the second didn’t, neither the third. I had the case several times, the first episode/movie has sync issue, the others don’t.

I’m out of options (no settings in Infuse or Apple TV seem to help) and I bought lifetime support a week ago, it’s really frustrating. Can someone help ?

Infuse does have its own audio sync option built in, and this can be accessed during playback through the Audio tab of the playback menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

This is a good option if you are seeing issues with single files.

Okay, thanks for that, but in that case I would have to blindly try to increase, ms by ms, the delay between the video and the audio for each episode of my TV show, which is not really convenient…

By the way, following your message, I went to my Apple TV to try and play 3 episodes. The first two have the issue, and the third is fine. I tried the same episodes with Infuse for mac OS and all of them were perfect. The files are not the issue in my opinion (.mkv file, h.264, dolby digital audio 2.0).

I don’t know if it helps

Oh, I just noticed that I forgot to say : my AppleTV is up to date

If you’re able to upload samples of the problematic and non-problematic files it may help us understand what could be going on here.

Samples up to 50GB can be uploaded here.

Thanks for your reply, I sent two my files but it seems almost all of the movies and TV show have the issue. Just to be sure, I casted my MacBook via AirPlay on the AppleTV, and I had no issue with audio sync.