ATV with Crystal HD clarification please


I have a Apple TV (1st gen) with an Crystal HD card installed.

I did the jailbreak and installed XBMC and the drivers for Crystal HD. XBMC can see the Crystal HD card and it works great.

The problem I have is that neither from XBMC or from Launcher I can’t wake up the pc where I have the shares. ( ATV2 it doing the job very well)

  1. Does ATVFLASH offer the fix for this?

  2. Where can I find information about the other futures that ATVFLASH offer? ( with details because I see the names of the futures but I can’t get a clear picture if I like them or not)

Thank you!

Sorry, aTV Flash will not affect how XBMC interacts with your PC.

More details on the included features (as well as a demo video) can be found on the aTV Flash product page here.

A quick clarification - I assume that you have the apple TV connected via a network cable to your PC?



Correct. Installing the Crystal HD video card means you’ll have to give up your wifi capabilities.

if I buy TV Flash (black) to many many apple tv I can putit

A single copy can be used on multiple devices provided they are all owned by the same individual and not used for any commercial purposes.

thanks for your quick response. wanted saver whensomething will be available for the new Apple TV 3 …thanks are very friendly