XBMC no longer works & Crystal HD graphics

I ran the latest update for Apple TV and for FlashATV and now XBMC no longer works. I did the update to XBMC and turned it on as a plug in under maintenance. Is this a known issue with the update? I get the following error: Cannot launch XBMC from the path: /applications/xbmc.app/contents/macos/xbmc

Also, I just installed the crystal HD graphics card. Does this now work with all applications or just XBMC. I have the plug in turned on. I’m hoping to be able to watch 1080p blu ray movies. Will try it out tonight.

Thanks for any feedback.

Jack Tunnicliffe

Right now, Crystal HD only works in XBMC.

Yes, I know it only works with XBMC but XBMC no longer works since upgrading AppleTV and Flash. I wonder if I should downgrade. I’m going to post this as a new thread.

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