Is XBMC working for anyone?????

I can't seem to get much discussion happening about this. I've looked over the forum discussions and I don't see others talking about issues with XBMC but maybe it's not a hot topic. Since upgrading to the latest AppleTV software and Latest FlashATV 4.1 XBMC no longer works. I get an error code when I try and launch it. I had installed a Crystal HD card so I could watch 1080p titles on my tricked out AppleTV and I'm so disappointed. Hope someone can give me some assistance. Jack Tunnicliffe

You have to run the SVN version of XBMC for Crystal HD to work. Before installing you need to uninstall the regular version.

When I did this it still did not work, so I had to manually remove all the files on my AppleTV:

That page also contains info on how to install the Crystal HD drivers.

If for some reason it still does not work, you will have to start from scratch by restoring to factory defaults, upgrade to latest AppleTV and reinstall aTVFlash:

I have been using a broadcom Crystal HD card on my ATV  and it sucessfully plays 720 and 1080 through XBMC. I actually get the best results by completely re-booting the ATV before starting a 720 or 1080 movie file whether it be h.264 or MKV. ( especially large files e.g 4-8Gig).  

Here is my question.  I have yet to install the latest crystal HD "upgrade" and I have not installed the latest version of XBMC since the SVN option has stopped being offered.  What is the current status of the XBMC update and Crystal HD update?  I will  leave my system "as-is" until someone verifies that all is well with installing these latest updates.  If someone has actually had experience with what I am talking about, please let me know how it went.