atv and xbmc etc... presale questions

Hi guys,

I have a question:

I have a Appletv (1g) and I am planing on buying the new one in a month.

I just found out about your software which make me want to buy this new atv instead of the boxee box to play my mkv from a NAS.

So I wanted to test this software on my "old" AppleTV.

1) For the moment I have xbmc installed on my AppleTV. What happens if I install AtvFlash on it, will xbmc be deleted? Do I need to reinstall xbmx with the Patchstick again after installing ATV Flash?

2) If I buy Atv Flash now for AppleTV (1G) to I have to repay for ATVFlash (black) afterwards?

3) Do mkv files play smoothly on AppleTV (1g) with atvflash? Because xbmc cannot manage them without CrystalHD card

4) Anybody having experience with ATVFlash and Buffalo linkstation NAS compatibility?

5) Do the streaming between NAS and AppleTV works via WIFI when atvflash is installed in order to play avi and mkv files?

Thanks a lot guys and keep up the good work

1. aTV Flash can be installed on top of your current setup. Any outdated plugins/apps will be removed and replaced with the current versions.

2. As of 12/1 aTV Flash and aTV Flash (black) are two separate applications.

3. MKV files are supported, though high profile files (720p and above) may stutter without a Crystal HD card installed.

4. Virtually any NAS that supports SMB or NFS will be supported. More info on setup can be seen here:

5. Yes, streaming will work over a wired or wireless connection.

Thank you very much