Apple TV 1st Generation in Reboot Loop

All of a sudden my ATV is in a reboot loop.  I tried storing it to factory settings and then running ATV Flash. It starts the loops again.  I've done the restore about 3 times.  This time I did not run ATV flash and it seems to running fine.  What is going on here? Help!

Which version of aTV Flash are you installing using the USB flash drive?

Mine too. installed aTV flash and had to do factory restored about 5 times. My aTV flash version is the newest one downloaded from my account.

Are you installing it onto the latest AppleTV software (3.0.2) or an earlier version?

Yes, I installed it to the latest software 3.0.2

Mine as well. I can toggle across the menu to Media, and then I get an error and the device reboots. I have changed nothing, so God knows why. Really hacked off with this product. If I costed up my own time in reinstalls etc, I could have bought a few Mac Minis instead

I purchased this product almost a year ago and have been annoyed with it ever since.  Everything about this product that has been advertised has been a joke! I am getting the same problem, I cannot get past the internet menu with out my appletv crashing. 

Does anyone have a solution on how to fix this problem? PLEASE HELP!!!

I can't even do a factory reset because I am unable to get to the settings option with out my appletv crashing/

I agree. The functionality offered sounded great, which when it work it is.
But support is shocking, standard response is reinstall or go to latest version, never any comment on what has caused the problem, despite the fact that if they bothered to check the forum they would see that multiple users have the same issues

mine is also in the loop of restarts and not to do please if anyone found the solution to me my email is share, and restore it several times and does not change always restarts again and again

Try this link
Going thru it right now seems to be working by getting back to factory restore then update