3.6.3 killed my ATV

i finally got around to upgrading from 3.6.2 to 3.6.3. I like to keep current. BUT things have not gone very well. I have been using aTVFlash sine SEP 2008 with minor installation problems but this is serious. When I reboot I get the usual apple logo screen but nothing else happens. If I leave it up after a while it reboots again and again and … a never ending cycle. I also have an amber flashing light that never stops. If I could break the cycle and do a factory restore I would be happy. I have an 1.0 aTV upgraded to 2.4 a few months ago. Is there some way to uninstall aTVFlash using the patchstick?

uh. the aTV must have some way of healing itself. I left it looping … rebooting every 5-10 minutes or so and sometime in the middle of the night it successfully rebooted and everything appears to be ok. can’t explain it. don’t much care. just glad to have my aTV back and with aTVFlash 3.6.3.

got the same problem, the only difference is after series of reboot, atv just keep on blinking… and nothing happens! now i cant use my atv and I cant even restore factory settings!

i replied too soon. it only worked long enough to watch 1 tv show. the next day it locked up and after rebooting it is back to the boot cycling. i have lost my aTV. when i get the energy (and time), i may pull the drive and copy over the original disk image (i saved it when I upgraded the first time, just in case). then maybe I can re-build it from there.

Can either of you restore the Apple TV by doing this?

No. when i attempt to do that it goes to the apple icon and looks at me all night. nada. if it would let me restore i might be home free. any other way to restore?

more strange behavior. over the past 2 days i have repeatedly rebooted with the 3.6.3 patchstick. sometimes it says something about rebuilding osboot. another time it stopped on reboot showing “registerEprom” data. anyway, this last time it rebooted to a blank blue screen. i left it there and when i woke the next morning it was showing the normal menu. this has been the strangest aTVFlash upgrade to date but for now it appears to be ok.