my aTV is facing serious problems


I need help...............

I have run ATV flash on my ATV for more or less two years. Two weeks ago it started to freeze and the black screen where turned on. After doing lot of factory resets, power off etc. I decided to factory reset and download latest ATV flash and upgrade with latest version from Apple as well. It worked for a day or so and then the same problem occur. I decided to make a factory reset again and to run it on version 1.0 without ATV flash for some days, to see that unit works ok. But I only gets to black screen, not the factory reset or diagnostic. I tried to plug int the ATV patch stick to download the ATV flash again, that worked. I did see the logos etc and a OK. But I never get to the start up screen, only to black screen of death!!!

Can anyone help me? The support only tells me to make a factory reset and download lates version etc etc. (which I already don, even bought a life time upgrade pack)

Thank you '


$100 repair.  buy a used ATV and solve your problem.  sounds flippant, but will get it done right now, without hours of experiment.