After Update video doesn’t pre-cache

Hi, I watch on Apple TV 4K which just had an update. Normally when streaming from my seedbox the whole movie/ episode would download in advance but it’s now just streaming as it goes which is causing buffering issues. Is there any obvious setting I’m missing here? I haven’t changed anything, just auto updated apps/ iOS.

Check your settings for Streaming Cache, it should be on Auto.

Thanks. Checked and it’s on Auto. I tried switching it to legacy to see if that helped but it didn’t. It’s now back on auto and still not pre-downloading.

Your ATV may be getting full. What do you have for free space?

You may want to restart the ATV also. Sometimes after updates things get a bit sluggish until a restart.

Thanks. I deleted all the data from apps but still not advance downloading. Updated my Asus router firmware as well. Carried out a factory reset (to latest tvOS), with infuse as the only app but still no luck. I’ll see if I can factory reset to a previous tvOS tomorrow. Cheers.

What are you using as a gauge as to if it’s precaching the video?

Another thing you may want to look at is to do a speed test in Infuse with one of the videos you’re having problems with and post the speeds and a pic of the graph.

I’m getting this on my local 1gps wired network too. Previous versions of infuse used to download the entire file, you could see that via the progress bar. The latest version just has a small buffer so if my server does anything IO intensive I get stuttering.

Could we have the option to bring the old behaviour back?

This is probably related to what is going on here.

Infuse will use disk caching to pre-cache the video if the Apple TV has a reasonable amount of free space. If the device is running low on disk space, then memory only caching will be used.

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Thanks. That must have been it. I’ve deleted all apps apart from Infuse and carried out a factory reset and it’s pre-caching again. Cheers.

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