Adding Cloud Services to Apple TV Infuse App


I wonder if someone could assist me here. A friend of mine has just gotten the Apple TV 4K and wishes to purchase Infuse primarily to add Google Drive as a Cloud Service. I checked out the the settings ~ Network ~ Shares on the Infuse Apple TV App. It doesn’t give you the option of Adding Cloud services as the iPhone version does.

As I understand it, if you want to add Cloud services such as Google Drive to the Apple TV Infuse App, you’re going to need an iOS device.

I have my Google Drive linked to my Apple TV Infuse App. I had to add it on the Infuse App on my iPhone first, make sure iCloud services for Infuse on my iPhone were toggled on and the Apple TV automatically picked up my Google Drive.

Is there any way to add Google Drive directly through the Apple TV Infuse App?

Any help you could give to solve this issue withdraw be welcome.


Unfortunately not Welshguy.
You must set up the cloud shares on the iOS Infuse app and they will sync across to the tvOS version assuming Infuse has the same iCloud account set up on both.

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