Cloud Streaming

I’m using Infuse 5 on my Apple TV, and can’t find any way to add a cloud share (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive). The option isn’t there. I’m going insane. What am I missing? I’ve bought PRO inside the non-pro app.

The shares need to first be added on your iOS device, and they will then sync over to the Apple TV.

Unfortunately since there’s no webview on the Apple TV it’s not currently possible to login directly on the Apple TV.

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Oh, I get it! Thank you!

Is this still the case with the current version on Apple TV?? I’ve just downloaded Infuse 5 on ATV but I only have an Android phone… So there is no way to add them in the ATV interface? Couldn’t this be something that could be solved by a Web admin panel where you could add any cloud services if Apple wouldn’t allow it in the ATV App?

UPDATE: It worked to link Google Drive a few minutes later.

I have an iPhone, but I can’t add Google Drive as a Cloud Service. I get to the Google authentication screens and then after I hit Allow, it says: “An error occurred loading this content. Sorry, this type of content is not supported yet.”

Is this because there are non-video files on my Google Drive?

It is the case for now. Cloud services require a webview to login, and unfortunately this is not available on the Apple TV. :frowning:

Shame. I guess you could add authorising into Firecore / Infuse user account settings, which you could access from any browser?