How to use Infuse with Google Drive?

I bought Infuse to use with Plex but it turns out that it doesn’t work with Plex Cloud although this is not documented.

Now that I have bought Infuse I thought that if I can’t use it with Plex Cloud that I could at least use it with Google Drive as that is where all my media is stored. However I see not option to add Google Drive or to access it in any way on the AppleTV 4K. Is this another feature that doesn’t work?

You are able to connect directly with Google Drive, but this connection first must be set up in Infuse for iOS.

Once this is done, the connection will sync over to the Apple TV via iCloud so you can access your content stored in Google Drive.

Thank you for telling that I can use Google Drive with Infuse but please could you explain exactly how I do this?

You say that I need to set up Google Drive in Infuse for iOS. Does this mean on my iPhone? I looked but I still can’t figure it out & there is no documentation. Does this then magically appear in tvOS on the Apple TV 4K? Where does iCloud come into it?

I’m sorry if this is documented somewhere but I have looked & can’t find any reference.

On iOS, shares can be added through Settings > Add Files. To connect to Google Drive specifically, you would select ‘Add Service’ in the ‘Cloud Services’ section.

More info on this can be found here.

That link only refers to local SMB file shares it doesn’t mention Cloud Services.

On my iPhone under Cloud Services the only option I have is Dropbox. I have Google Drive app installed & configured on the iPhone & can browse my Plex library but cannot see any way of accessing it from Infuse.

I still don’t see how configuring Google Drive on my iPhone gets it working on my Apple TV 4K. What would I do if I did not have an iPhone?

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James, just as a matter of interest, is the reason why you can configure a Google Drive on iOS but not ATV is because Google’s SDK on iOS provides the necessary support to set up the connection but the SDK for ATV does not?

When adding Cloud Services, you can select from Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive by tapping the Protocol button which appears after tapping the Add Service button.

Unfortunately these services don’t support authentication from the Apple TV, so the connection will need to be set up on iOS.

In short, yes.

The Apple TV does not offer a webview option, which limits what we are able to do.

I still cannot access my media on Google Drive on Infuse on my Apple TV 4K. I have added the folders on my iPhone & can access them OK & the folders now appear on my Apple TV but when I click on any of the Google Drive folders I get the message

An error occurred
Sorry infuse encountered an error while trying to connect

I suggest that (if you haven’t already) you open a support ticket and Submit Diagnostics from Infuse on your ATV after such a failure so that Firecore support can look at the supplied diagnostics to determine what is failing on you google drive connection.

(Note Monday is a public holiday in the US so it will probably by at least Tuesday before support even look at the issue.)

I finally got this working. I deleted all the shares then added them back & now they appear on the Apple TV 4K. What went wrong in the first place I have no idea.

So I’m regards to getting Google Drive access on TVOS Apple TV 4K Infuse 6 Pro. Does the Google Drive have to be connected to the internet at all time?Does whichever device I’m connected to have to be on and running with internet connection before Google Dive on Apple TV 4K will work?

I gave up on Infuse. Plex with Google Drive works very well on the Apple TV 4K.

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Of course you need to be connected to the Internet at all times if you want to access media on Google Drive which is in th Cloud.

Hello you all,

I would also like to use GDrive for storing my Movie Collection in the Cloud. But I‘d also like to encrypt my data. Is this possible with GDrive/GSuite and by using Infuse on iOS and tvOS? And if yes, how?


It would be immensely helpful to include this simply in the Support documentation. The only mention of Google Drive in the docs is “Add from other apps” or something, and includes some silly Favorite-ing thing. If I need to favorite every single video I need to watch, it’d the stupidest app ever created.

How? Plex seems to be a geeky thing as well. Their app doesn’t show me any easy option to see all my GDrive files/folders easily. Do I need to set up some “local server” with a URL etc?

The instructions are in the users guide I linked to in your other post. You’ll get better answers if you stay with one thread for the same question. :wink:

Plex is great. I don’t find it geeky (I did work in IT for 25 years though:-) OK maybe it is a bit geeky to set up but once done it looks superb & works so smoothly plus there is no further geekiness after it’s been set up… There are various guides around that hold your hand through setting up Plex on a VPS or on a local server. I use both. You could start by looking here

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