The option "cloud services" disappeared on Apple TV

I have an Apple TV for several years and my Infuse account is configured in it and everything is going very well but now for Christmas I bought my Father an Apple TV because we were sharing it and I wanted to configure the Infuse account on that new computer but he does not give me the option to add “Cloud Services” and all my content is in Google Drive.

The 2 accounts have Infuse Pro active as they are associated by Apple Family and it was a great motivation for me to buy their own Apple TV when I discovered that Apple would allow Sharing Subscriptions and activate that option in my Apple profile therefore when I start with my account Father recognizes me as Infuse Pro but the option “Services in the Cloud” does not appear, however in his iphone I configure Infuse and I recognize it as Pro and if he lets me add content from my Cloud account to his Library.

You have to configure the cloud services on an iOS/ iPadOS device and then use iCloud sync to sync the configuration across to the ATV.

This is to do with the fact that the configuration interface is not available on tvOS devices.


To add a bit more clarification, you will need to use an iOS device that is on the same Apple ID as the new ATV so if your father has an iPhone or iPad you should first set up infuse there and add the cloud services there and then iCloud sync will update your fathers ATV.

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Thank you very much, problem solved.

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