Watched history

Is there any way I can see my watched history? I just want to see a list of movies and shows I watched. Thanks!

You will want to create an account at and sign it to infuse with it. It will track your history including multiple watches.

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Yeah I tried trakt, but it only syncing my history from now on. Unles I’m doing smth wrong.

Is there any way to sync all my history?

No, unfortunately infuse does not keep track of when you watched something, only if you watched it.

That would be enough for me. I just want to know what I have watched, don’t need to know when.

Is it possible to view it somewhere?

You could turn on Watched (it’s actually unwatched) indicators. You’ll see an orange stripe on the upper right side of all the movies you haven’t watched.

I’m not exactly sure how trakt works with an existing infuse setup. I’ve had it so long now…So I don’t know if when you sign in to trakt if it replaces current infuse watched status with that from trakt or if it merges it. You might have to manually mark everything as watched :man_shrugging:t3:

Yeah I can do that for movies and shows still in my database. But I noticed sometimes I re-download something and it shows as already watched (because I indeed already watched), and I have no way to check that before hand.

I just created an account so I can tell for certain trakt database is not merged, only new watched movies and shows are added. Infuse database might be merged but since it’s a newly created account, I can’t confirm that.