Trakt watched status not syncing to Infuse

When I watch movie or an episode using Infuse, it successfully gets marked as watched on the Trakt but I don’t see what I’ve watched before on the Infuse.

For example, let’s say, I’ve watched every episode until S2E6 and I want to continue watching that series. I have to search it on the Infuse and look for where I’ve left on the Trakt and then find exact episode on the Infuse and then watch it. It would be a lot easier if Infuse would get all data including where we left watching from Trakt and show it on Infuse.


Are you using the free version of Infuse or the Pro subscription?

Pro and I have my Trakt linked and scrobbling enabled. Issue is that it syncs Infuse with Trakt but not Trakt with Infuse. I want to see what I’ve watched and where I’ve left on Infuse, with it syncing with Trakt.

Can you check to ensure the Infuse Pro logo is visible in Infuse > Settings and that you’re logged into Trakt on all devices?

You may need to sign out and back in to trakt

Yep. I checked and there’s no issue about these two. Are you sure Infuse has ability to sync Trakt with Infuse (I don’t mean Infuse with Trakt) and problem is on me?

Pretty sure, as long as you have things set right it should work.

I have no idea what to do. I’ve set it up correctly, I think.

Sometimes trakt servers have issues. Give it a day or two

I disconnected Trakt and reconnected it and refreshed my library. And still having the same issue.

Still having the same issue…

In my experience, the sync’ing with Trakt only works for things you have watched using Infuse. So, as an example, when I go to the Trakt website and mark something as watched this doesn’t sync back to Infuse. However, if I watch something using infuse, this sync’s with Trakt and shows on the website that I’ve watched it.

At the same time, I use multiple Apple TVs around the house and my watched titles do sync between the units, but I’ve always thought that this is completed by the iCloud sync’ing that Infuse does and not via Trakt.

It would be great if Infuse could pull the watched data via trakt and not use iCloud at all.

Yeah, I totally agree with you. iCloud could be still used for people who aren’t using Trakt though. But pull the watched data via Trakt is a must-have feature for Infuse in my opinion.

Is this still an issue? Will Infuse pull the Trakt watched data?

This seem to be an isolated case from a while ago. infuse pulls everything from trakt when I login. Are you having issues?


I think it looks to be working. Signed out of Trakt and back in.


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