Viewing photos on USB drive

I have an external USB hard drive (called “Special”) with a folder called “Pix” that contains jpg photos.

How do I view these photos as a slideshow? I simply want to be able to view the photos in a folder on my external drive as a slideshow.

I’ve read posts on this forum but all that ever seems to happen is that Finder restarts every time I try to do anything.

Please help!

There is limited support for viewing photos through nitoTV.

  1. Locate the photos folder in the nitoTV → Files menu.
  2. Highlight the folder and press the right arrow (>>) button to bring up the options menu.
  3. Select ‘mark as photos’.
  4. Now selecting the folder will start a slideshow of the enclosed photos.

Well I wouldn’t call it a slide show. All that happens is I get a thumbnail of the image that slides down to the bottom of the screen. The list of files still takes up half the width of the screen. What I want is to have the images full screen and as a slide show.

If I press the play button with a file name highlighted all that happens is that Finder restarts.

Plus at first it said that there were no file with a known extension. It wasn’t until I worked out how to add jpg to the file types it recognised in media player that it would even show any images at all.

Is there a way of playing a proper slide show?