Nito TV Fails to load HDD files

Hi, new to this forum. Currently running ATV flash version 4.1.5. For the past 12 odd months I’ve had issue viewing any file on my external HDD (WD 2TB MyBook) through Nito TV through all versions. I’ve ripped my DVD’s using Iskysoft DVD Ripper into H.264 1280x720 MP4 format (drop down selection) and transferred files using Cyberduck however I also have several AVI files on the HDD as well. All these files have been grouped into respective folders under Genre and used to work on Nito TV.

The issue is, as I am able to view all folders and files on the HDD when using the ATVFiles (beta) plugin I’d expect I should be able to do the same in Nito TV, however I’m unable to launch past the HDD name in Nito TV. Nito TV displays the Apple logo and resets. ATVFiles doesn’t provide the full functionality that I’d like and originally had with Nito TV. It has been sufficient for now but I’d like Nito TV back with issue resolved.

Fault finding/rectification attempts:
I’ve reinstalled ATV several times from scratch - No joy.
I have attempted to view files on a different External HDD as well (LaCie 500GB) but also had the same issue.
I’ve reformated my smaller HDD and reloaded files - No joy.
I’ve toggles the Apple H.264 setting on/off - No joy.
Finally, I’ve even toggled through all the TV Resolution output settings - No joy

How can I get Nito TV to recognise files again on my HDD’s?

It’s possible. the drive may have inadvertently been ‘marked as photos’. Marking a drive or folder as photos will start a slideshow of the enclosed photos instead of browsing the contents of the drive. This could potentially cause an issue such as this if no photos are present on the drive.

You can mark/unmark the drive as a photos folder by highlighting the drive in nitoTV → Files and pressing the right arrow to access the options menu.

Max, you’re above advice was the exact solution… You are a God. Sincerely, from one VERY relieved supporter/user; thank you. :smiley: