External HD, Pictures & Music

How can you store photos on an External HD and view them on the atv as though they were sync’d thru itunes? Is it possible to store music on the external and play the mp3 files in itunes fashion? Help…


can anyone help with this question?

much appreciated

Unfortunately the built in Apple TV/iTunes plugins will not be able to see any media stored on the external drive. They will only see data on the internal hard drive that has been synced through iTunes.

You can view photos stored on the external drive through the DVD/nitoTV plugin.

I have jpg on my external and when i go to DVD>FILE>MY PICTURE FOLDER, the apple tv wont recognize the photos?


Taken from the nitoTV wiki.

Photo Streaming

This new feature is also currently handled through MPlayer (this will most certainly change in the future) The playback is a bit buggy and limited, only jpg and png are supported and it is VERY picky with what jpg it will display. Another caveat is ONLY jpg or png can be streamed at once so no folders with mixed content.

To enable a specific folder for photo streaming press the > button on the remote. This will bring up the farmilar “Add to playlist” facade. There are two new options below “Create New Playlist” namely “Play Folder” (only relevant for video and audio) or “Mark/Unmark for Photos” Currently marking a folder for photos is just creating an invisible file inside (meaning it won’t work for folders that don’t have write access mounted- this will be addressed in the final) Once a folder is “marked” for photo playback selecting it while browsing will attempt to stream all the photos inside

Photo streaming with music is also possible (although a bit unrefined as well) putting a music file with the title “music.mp3” in the same folder as the photos will play back that music file, it unfortunately will not loop and I haven’t found a way for it to play subsequent music files either.