TV Show playback not in sync with

Hi guys, I’m having problems with Infuse not syncing the episodes I watch via my Plex server. I’ll watch the tv show via Infuse (I’m on a Pro subscription etc) and the playback history will sync properly on the Plex server side. But once I exit and go back into Infuse, the history will fall back to some random episode not where I actually stopped watching. Strangely this only happens with TV Shows, Movie sync is perfect…

Anyone else experiencing this or just me?

PS - I always have the latest version updated and watch sometimes on my Mac and sometimes on the Apple TV app…

Any fix for this?

We’ve been looking into a few cases of this, and there will be a few improvements in this area available soon.

Also, just to confirm this is similar to the issue we are currently tracking, could you send in a report from your device (and post the code here) the next time this issue appears?

Just sent the diagnostics via the Email Us from the macOS app. Hopefully it can help. It’s strange it only happend with one of my TV Show’s, Curb Your Enthusiasm…

Don’t forget :wink:

Definitely forgot! Lol

diagnostics: 8PBB3

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The 7.5.9 update has a few fixes here. Can you try updating to see if the issue persists?

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