Cannot scan plex library

Hi, have Plex as the server using version and now Infuse Pro can no longer scan for media.

It use to work and have removed the share and re-added but no success.

Infuse just says it’s scanning the library and never finishes. Hence the Infuse Library is empty.

If I start watching something on my iPad it shows on the AppleTV app as a ‘recently watched’ and then I can start to watch it as a work around.

Any ideas ?


Hmm, so this is something that was previously working in your setup, and just stopped after installing a Plex update?

Would you mind sending in a report from your Apple TV so we can look into this? Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore

Actually I take it back, it has now worked.

After several hours it hadn’t indexed but came back a couple of days later to submit the logs and it’s now indexed it all.

A bit slow ? But it’s working.