Plex Library Sync Issues - Always have to do a manual sync

So everytime a new tv show/movie is added to my PMS, it still doesn’t show up in Infuse even hours later. Even when I have Infuse opened up for 15 minutes, it still won’t start a sync. I always have to click on “Library” and wait for it to sync, and then it’s available in Infuse.

I thought the whole point of Infuse being a Plex client is that automatic syncs will occur in the background so that when I open Infuse up, all my new content is ready?

I am on the latest PMS Public and latest Infuse 5/tvOS Public.

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Yeah I wish Infuse connected to Plex would get updated like the Plex app so I don’t always have to update the library. It’s the main reason no one else in my house uses Infuse, because the other apps just update without having to force it.



It would be great if Plex could send an API call to fuse indicated that an update was made.


Currently Infuse will automatically fetch new content from Plex when the app is opened, or once per hour if the app is left opened.

This is an area we may look at adjusting in the future.

But it doesnt fetch new content for me on open. Only when i open the Library folder.

No response? It doeant fetch new content until I go to library.

It will actually start updating once the app is opened, but we don’t display a fetching status on the home screen right now.

It never updates on open for me, unless rarely. With new content from my NAS, i have to go into Library and sometimes back out and back in a few times until it fetches new content from Plex.

It’s really annoying and is going to result in my switching back to the PMS. It’s a shame because Infuse is better in every other way. I’ve tried leaving it open but it does not update unless I go in to Library and do it manually.

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Thanks for the feedback.

We’re going to look at tweaking this so Infuse works to update automatically from Plex more frequently.

Stay tuned.

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That would be great James. You’ll have a client for life if you do !

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Glad I’m not the only one with this problem. Yeah, super annoying when you just want to open it up and watch something.

Infuse 5.8.1 now includes the ability to pull updates from Plex instantly as soon as the changes are reflected in Plex. :slight_smile:



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