Synology NAS Remote Play Question

Is Infuse good at remote play?

Right now I use a Synology NAS with Plex and an Nvidia Shield for remote play. Usually I’ll take the Shield to a friends place and plug it in to watch something because his TV is pretty old.

Can I do the same thing with an Apple TV? Reading that I might need to use something called WebDAV and I was hoping I wouldn’t need to jump through extra hoops to get this working. Any other recommendations? Can I connect to Plex on my NAS via Infuse if that even works, or what do you guys recommend?

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There’s a users guide that should get you started here.

Yeah, I’ve seen that guide, I don’t think I’m interested in tinkering with something like WebDAV though. Since I already have Plex on my NAS can I connect Infuse to it? I don’t know the technical term for it, but essentially my Plex/NAS would be the back end and Infuse would be the front end I believe?

If I’m using Plex/NAS as a server I take it all the playback/scrubbing/subtitles/audio/video etc., would be handled by Infuse?

You can use the Apple TV’s Plex Client without Infuse (as I assume you do on your shield, since Infuse can’t be installed on Android devices).

I wouldn’t want to use Plex though. I’d ideally prefer to use Infuse for local and remote play because it seems like the better option for me.

Infuse does not transcode data on it’s own and I’m not certain it can receive transcoded-on-the-fly data from a Plex server, even in the beta Plex Direct mode. But perhaps someone can clarify these particulars if my info is out of date.

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Infuse with plex integration works just fine provided your upload speed is high enough. Infuse doesn’t support transcoding so everything is streamed at its highest bitrate.

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As mentioned already you would need to have a local upload speed that is capable of matching your highest bitrate files. If not, then your only option is to use the Plex client when viewing remotely.

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