Direct Play from NAS via HDMI


I don’t know how to check if Infuse is currently “direct playing” from NAS.
Current Setup:

  1. Plex library / server is on NAS
  2. NAS to TV with HDMI Cable
  3. Apple TV with Infuse app
  4. Infuse App reads library from established Plex library

*Plex APP on apple tv has setting “Direct Play” ON.

My assumption is since I chose to integrate with Plex Library, it uses the same settings as the Plex app has - with direct play setting ON or maybe by default Infuse does direct play, I don’t know.

Everything is working great right now and I just want to confirm that it does indeed play using HDMI and and not wi-fi. Cos if it does actually use wi-fi, then awesome, I’m putting my NAS back in basement and removing that extra hdmi cable :smiley:

Do you mean Ethernet?

mmmm not sure

I thought direct play is basically tv reading from nas via cable - in this case the cable is HDMI

Although my nas is connected to google wi-fi router, I think infuse app on apple tv still has access to nas because its’ connected directly to the tv
Here’s a diagram.
Basially question is what connection does infuse use to read data from NAS?

Your ATV doesn’t do data through the HDMI cable, it’s either Ethernet or WiFi. If Infuse is seeing your NAS it’s because it’s connected to your wireless router.

On the Apple TV, go to Settings > Network and see what it says under “Connection”. I’m guessing it’s either WiFi or Ethernet.

Got it, thank you for clarifying! I guess I can take my NAS to basement now :smiley:

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