[solved] Local metadata



I’ve read few threads about metadata, however I didn’t find the answer I’m looking for. From what I understood, if I create folder.jpg within a folder, it shows it without downloading anything else from internet (and it works great). But I didn’t find how should I name files for fanart (backdrop).

How should I name it?

Full details on adding your own metadata and cover art can be found here.

Thanks for the link:) I’ve read that, however, there is no answer for my question (I guess). There is no mention about fanart. I know how the folder.jpg works, tried to understand the metadata (impossible for me:D ), but still don’t know how the fanart (backdrop or background, not sure how it is called) works locally.

Local fanart is not currently supported.

mm, I see. Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

Any idea if “local fanart” will be supported soon?


I also think that local fanart support is a great thing.

Any idea of when this will be available.


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