A tutorial for local metadata

Could you please make the instructions of local metadata like this? (some maybe wrong)

Do you mean like this?

Yes, but more directly, and more elements.

There are many users guides available regarding metadata manipulation. Here’s the Metadata section.

And to top level of all users guides for Infuse.

The problem is sometime I donno which one is which one :cry:

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Are you asking for someone to label images of the Infuse interface with the names of the types of metadata each element represents?

[Edited] Looking at your images, are you asking if the filenames in red are correct? Let me take a stab at those…. Hold on a sec

This is what I take away from the OPs request. I think with the artwork being referenced by multiple names by different users it sounds like a good idea to have a graphic of what each artwork is called and a graphical representation of what it looks like changes with user added artwork. I’m not real great with graphics but I’ll see if I can get some time to add some.

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Exactly, I saw several topics asking the metadata and so do I have questions with some elements after reading the guide.

I think graphic instruction should be a better way for users to understand how to manage the local metadata.

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First Image:

The correct name of these poster images depends on if they are for television series or for movies.

If these are television shows, the correct name is shown:
TV Series (2023)/folder.jpg

If these are movies, the image name should be
Movie (2023)-poster.jpg

Second Image:

Custom artwork can be set for favorites by adding an image inside the folder based favorite.
Apple TV:
favorite-atv.png (or jpg) - 1920 x 1080px recommended size
favorite.png (or jpg) - 1000 x 1500px recommended size

Third Image:

That is the correct filename for custom season poster artwork.

TV Series (2023)
     folder.jpg          —> TV Series Poster
     Season 1
          folder.jpg     —> Season 1 Poster
     Season 2
          folder.jpg     —> Season 2 Poster

Fourth Image:

This is the TV episode thumbnail image.
It should be named exactly as the episode is named, but with “-thumb” appended to the end.

TV Series (2023)/Season 1/TV Series (2023) S01E01-thumb.jpg

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