Manual metadata for TV shows


This was recently added in 5.4.2.

More info on the available options can be found here.

I STILL HAVE ISSUES WHEN SETTING TO USE LOCAL METADATA; ALTHOUGH, “poster.png” does not work. And yes, I’m using library view.

…episodename.jpg has no sucess also.

You must sort your files in a special way with a Season Subfolder ?

Look at the screenshots…

It’s working perfectly ??

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Not trying to hijack the thread but…

Thanks for the pics! It saves me a lot of searching the forum looking for the nuggets of info on this.

One more question in regards to your post, what are the recommended sizes for the fanart, poster, and season X-poster for list view?

I would say Fanart should be 1920 x 1080 px,
Poster and Season-Poster should be 1000 x 1500 px ?

Thanks again! Off to the jpg hunt… :slight_smile:

Unless of course you believe a 4K Apple TV is coming this fall, then you may want to go with larger (3840 Ă— 2160) fanart in order to be future proof. :wink:

I did all that; and still having issues.
I held the button on my Series folder and selected “Use Local Metadata”.
Then I used poster.png inside the Tv Show Folder, as posted on the screenshots above.
All my “Seasons” already had a cover, even without me setting this up. So, it seems that it’s ignoring the local metadata, right?
NO success.

What am I doing wrong?

Ok, got this working; Still, there’s something VERY wrong on the app’s encoding:

  • All of those suggestions works IF you do NOT set the TV Shows folder to “Use Local Metadata”. You MUST use “online data”.

Why is that, James?

Why does the program become nuts when we set the TV Shows folder to “Use Local Metadata” and then select “Edit Metadata” and select the .nfo/.xml file?

I still don’t get it…

Online metadata is required for many features in Infuse, including Library, syncing, Trakt, etc… You can override the info Infuse pulls down from TheTVDb with whatever you want, but we recommend leaving Online Metadata enabled.

The local metadata option is really designed for videos that cannot be matched using online sources, such as home movies.

If I understand correctly, manually setting metadata (for example, when there is no match online) requires the XML file. It’s a simple format, but it would be great to have the option to enter metadata through the UI…

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