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Hello. I have an Apple TV 4K and an iPhone. I’ve been the proud owner of the Infuse Pro app for a few days. I’m absolutely thrilled. A really great app. Now to my question: some image covers are not loaded by metadata. it is u German TV series. I would like to make the cover myself. What is the best way to do this? is it even possible to create a cover yourself? Thanks in advance and sorry for my english. I come from Germany.

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You can put your own artwork on many items in Infuse. This users guide will get you started.

Excuse me one more question: what does it mean “To override, place an image with the same name alongside the video file.”??? Do the films all have to be in their own folder? For me, all the films are next to each other in one folder

No, you don’t have to have movies in individual folders, just place the graphic in the same directory. The graphic will have the same name as the movie file. :wink:


That worked perfectly. Many thanks for the help. I’m glad you exist.


You’re very welcome and I’m kind of glad I do too. :wink:

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