Several questions regarding missing data/incorrect data

Hi there, I didn’t want to create a separate thread for each question.

I have a couple DVDs I ripped that I can’t find the right metadata for - Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and Sense & Sensibility (2007). I don’t see them in the dropdown list

Several of Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor Who specials aren’t pulling the right metadata from The TV DB. I have tried every naming convention I can think of. The affected episodes are Eve of the Daleks, Legend of the Sea Devils, and The Power of the Doctor.

And lastly, is there any way to force Infuse to see something as a TV show instead of a movie? For instance, some of the BSG specials and Sherlock TV show appear in my movie sections.

Thanks in advance for any help!

A bit more info may help. First the “Neverwhere” by Neil Gainman is only showing as a novel in Google so can you provide a bit more info?

Second, Sense and Sensibility appears to be a 2008 TV miniseries.

So you would have to name the files like “Sense and Sensibility 2008 S01E01.mkv” and so on for each of the 3 episodes.

The best way to make sure Infuse is looking at a TV show is to make sure to include the S0xE0x in the file name. With the Season/Episode info Infuse will know to search in TV series.

This Infuse users guide will help with how to name your files for the best results.

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The Eve of the Daleks was a "Special and the file would be named “Doctor Who 2005 S00E208 Eve of the Daleks.mkv”

Doctor Who 2005 S00E209 Legends of the Sea Devils.mkv

Doctor Who 2005 S00E210 Power Of the Doctor.mkv

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Ok, found the Neverwhere, it’s also a miniseries and will need the S0xE0x format for each episode. Such as “Neverwhere 1996 S01E01.mkv” and so on for each episode.

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Thank you!! That is a huge help!

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