TV Series Metadata Not Working

I just noticed today that some of the TV shows were not showing up in my library. I went to the ‘other’ section of the library and noticed that several of them were listed there instead. For example, I would have 10 episodes of Dragon Ball Super in the correct season, but the episodes 11-30 were not being added. I tried to edit the metadata but it wasn’t searching. I tried several TV shows and no metadata is being searched for. Nothing is coming up in the search results. This is only happening for the TV shows. The movies are unaffected. Those are working just fine.

I have no idea what is going on or how to resolve it. Internet connection is fine. Any suggestions?

im having the same issue!

I opened up a series that previously had good metadata (food wars!)
marked season 1 as watched and then it “unspilled” and all the episodes came out of the “season folder”

now when I hover over them they turn back into the nice metadata versions… then after a few moments (2?3?4? seconds) they unload the metadata again and revert to regular files.

WEIRD! I just went back to the box and…

Upon re-opening the anime’s folder they all loaded back to their ‘metadata forms’ and the season folders re-appeared in season folders?

maybe a server issue, but I thought all of this data was saved locally so… thats odd?

ME TOO! :astonished:

I went to have my breakfast and coffee and when I came back to it, everything seemed to be working just fine. I also thought that it was stored locally - I assume that’s why this data is cached?

Glad it’s not something happening on our end.

Just a thought but if you have your Infuse set to auto update a new release 6.4.5 was rolled out yesterday and that may have done a re-scan on some items when Infuse was restarted. Just a guess on my part.

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Oh ok. I gotcha. Thank you for the heads up! Glad it’s up and running again.