TV Metadata

Sorry, I’ve checked other posts on this subject but they’re just not helping. I have a number of shows that end up in ‘Others’ and WILL NOT appear in TV Shows and I just cannot understand why. I have tried to make them look exactly like the other shows that are working correctly but I’ve wasted a ton of time and I’m getting nowhere.

E.g. I have a folder “M:\Video\TV\Veep\Season 5” and in it I have files with names of this format: “veep.s05e01.mkv”. From what I’ve read that should work but it doesn’t. When I check it out in the Files view I can ‘Edit Metadata’ and select the one option (that is Veep 21 Apr 2012) but this seems to achieve exactly nothing.

I’m having similar problems with Fawlty Towers and a couple of others. I have Metadata Fetching turned ON and Embedded Metadata OFF. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Have you tried using Sonarr? I use it for all of my TV shows and it seems to work well with infuse.

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No, I’ve never heard of it but I will look into it. Thanks.

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What type of device are you streaming from?

When using the Edit option in Infuse, do you see the correct filename listed near the top of the screen, or does something else appear?

We’ve seen a few cases where certain UPnP/DLNA devices will adjust filenames before sending them to Infuse.

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I’m using Apple TV. After I removed the share and re-added it everything started working as expected. I’d tried removing the folder and reloading several times already though. Seems a bit awkward that the only way to force recognition of the change is to nuke everything and start again but at least it worked. Thanks for responding.

Oh, FROM! Sorry, it’s a WD My Book Live but I’m just using an SMB share, not a DLNA server.