sabnzbd and sickbeard setup on atv2?


Just wanted to know if it is possible to have sabnzbd and sickbeard set up on the atv2. I would like to leeave the atv2 switched on and running all the time rather than resorting to laptop or desktop to do the downloading etc. I have a nas which i would like to move the files to once downloaded and unzipped


Any ideas?




don’t think the ATV can run that, but your NAS might be able to. i have a synology ds411 and have sabnzbd running as a service on there. haven’t played around with sickbeard on it but apparently its possible. if you have a synology, check this out: i used mertymade.

I have sickbeard and couchpotato and sabnzbd running on my ds211j and they are all working perfectly and it is really simple.